New Sauce Alert! It’s a pleasure to introduce you to one of the hottest young producers doing his thing right now. Emerging producer HitThaGnote really got the sauce & he representing Easton, Pennsylvania. He’s been producing music for a little over 4 years & he’s making moves. Right now, HitThaGnote just got music going on! New placements on the way with new collabs being made everyday. Definitely got a lot of new music on the way. He just focused on the craft and the bag, nothing more, nothing less. If you don’t know, he got a few placements already on one of Key Glock’s latest projects “The Yellow Tape 2” which is fire! He’s finding his mojo as he gears up to release a lot more content around him and his production. He just hopes to continue to build his growing audience as he gets better at producing.

As of now, he’s focused on bringing more attention to him & his beats getting into blogs, So, expect Key Glock was talking that talk on this & he just complimented him so well. This project is definitely something to tap into. Key Glock was talking motivation & hustle talk & you know we love that. That production was too much sauce & to know that HitThaGnote had a hand in this is crazy! Best believe it’s more sauce on the way. He’s releasing a tape with an artist that he executively produced for a second time within the next couple of months. All this sauce he got & he don’t plan on stopping no time soon! Definitely got a lot of new music on the way from him! The sauce gone keep you alert. Make sure you keep up with his sauce on Instagram (@hitthagnote). He really got the sauce!

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