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I-I Fetti x Skyy Glizz – Marathon (Music Video) [Shot by @Mookiemadface]

Yup! You know the sauce! The homie I-I Fetti is putting his foot on the gas with one. He’s been kicking up since the end of 2021. Dropping back to back visuals & new songs, straight PRESSURE. I appreciate his passion for this because he could be dropping weak content just because he can but he dropping fire. He out here doing what he want. This new joint “Marathon” was just the joint I was talking about when i said we need more songs. We need more of this! One of the hottest new artists on the rise coming out of New York. The way he be saying certain things & playing with his words is just dope. Him & Sky Glizz definitely sauced on this one. That sauce just different right here. He in his own lane as an artist!

They both applied some pressure on this! Fetti always talking his talk on tracks but he know his sauce different. I was gonna throw it on the here as soon as it dropped but I been playing it a lot & forgot lol. Like I always say, he really got his own sauce. He’s proving he got that sauce.. I don’t think there’s too much he can’t do. Waiting for him to give us more songs like these & its bound to be a hit. I-I Fetti & Sky Glizz gave us a street symphony right here. This hit home. Fetti 2022, WE HERE FOR IT. Tune in! One of the very few young new artists who elevates with his new music every time he drop.

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