New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist BagBoy Trapp coming all the way from Asbury Park, New Jersey which is my hometown for those who don’t know. He recently dropped off some visuals “Opinion Based(Freestyle) & he was talking real heavy on this. He been rapping since he was 7 but started taking rap & the whole craft seriously in June of 2020 when he came home from prison. This is definitely something to tap into. He making a statement with his music that he’s not with all the clout chasing & gimmicks. BagBoy Trapp just focused on the craft and the bag, nothing more, nothing less. BagBoy Trapp is gearing up to release a lot more content around his music and hopes to continue to build his growing fan base. Trapp lowkey snapped on this!

Ever since he came home, the music grind has been full throttle. Even though he always had a passion for music, he always got caught up with distractions that made him lose focus. Which eventually ended up causing a delay his career. As of now he just started his own mini tour not too long ago. Trapp did his first performance this year around 2 months ago & now 6 performances in. BagBoy Trapp is next to emerge and step into the spotlight. His debut mixtape is titled “Zay World” along with his first single is called “Community Service” which Trapp actually wrote at community service. This project is just a loose generalization of what’s happening in the trenches. Not everything is gold. Some people really got to get it from the muscle. He opened up for Mir Fontaine in Clifton, NJ. & now completed his first major strip club performance at KOD. Trapp just got invited to perform at the Fillmore in Philly in January for the Tri state freshman class. Make sure you peep his content & really listen because its actually about something. 2022 he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos. Straight sauce right here! Tune into this. That Talk Different!

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