Sauce Alert! This energy right here, WE NEED IT! The homie Don Dolla had a good year musically & this joint is definitely one of his best tracks to date. He always had the sauce but now it’s showing in the music! Emerging NY artist Don Dolla been on his bully lately. He released a visual “No Hook” not too long ago & it’s HEAVY as usual! After releasing a few visuals, you constantly see him working & cooking up that sauce on Instagram. Once he get comfortable with the music & he gone be even better. Almost every joint you get from him, is either some real sauce or he got a heat seeker. This had to hit the site. It should’ve been hit the site but it’s here now.

This one of my favorite songs by him easy. He stepped his music all the way up since the first time I became a fan. Don Dolla really putting on for the real. Soon to be one of NY’s hottest artists & that’s what we here to see. I feel like he’s in beast mode because he got something to prove with this music. Dolla really coming stronger every time he drop a new joint!. This was fire & yeah I’m late but it’s here!! Tune in & see how Dolla really not playing with nobody this time around! Don Dolla grind & work ethic is showing that he’s one to keep your eyes on. “No Hook” is straight pressure.