Let’s get it! Rising new artist MiCCFlame recently released new visuals titled “No Batteries” which is on all platforms right now! It’s just one hell of a grind. He started getting serious last year but didn’t kick up to late this year. It’s been sauce ever since. This song really impressed me & will impress you too. MiCCFlame already has his own company ‘Luxury Nightmare’ along with merch & more. Definitely not your ordinary artist. He came in the game making chess moves doing what he can to build his company & his name. He don’t care to be flashy nor pump fake with what he speaks and his experiences. Once you hear how he talking on this, you gonna see what his sauce really about. MICCFLAME got the sauce & it’s showing! Glad we got the opportunity to talk about this because he straight sauced on this.

“No Batteries” was his first official video release & it’s all him from the production, to the video. He plans on dropping his debut EP “Legion” the top of 2022 & it’s gonna be special. He’s planning to follow up this joint with another track “Chop Chop” with visuals. MiCCFlame has been cooking up some sauce during this whole whole Covid madness. By the 1st. Expect him to have 2 videos out along with the EP coming right after. So just make sure you paying attention. He’s dropped some quality sauce & definitely on our radar for more. If you haven’t already checked him out, Go do so. He bodied this whole joint. This what the sauce like!

No Batteries Official Video
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