Composed of four emcees Sky God, Keash, Aimless and Doberman, NU GODZ have just dropped the 2nd video off their brand new NU GODZ EP (which dropped November 26) and sets the tone for their spaced out alt-rap vibe! While the group is still experimenting with its sound and exploring a rich mix of sonic stylings and flavours, what can be said is that diversity, solidarity and an anti-establishment message is at their core.

The eponymous NU GODZ EP showcases the breadth of talent the group has to offer, with socially conscious lyrics, funky-fresh vibes and complex rhyming patterns in abundant supply. Produced entirely by Johnny North, the EP has a full and organic sound. The beats on this release range from neck-snapping rhythms with sticky-sounding synths, to cooling neo-soul moments. Check out the video for Lonely Night below and follow them on IG here.

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