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DRIZZY JULIANO – “BACK DRILLING” (Music Video) | Shot By @MeetTheConnectTv

You already know what it is! Sauce talking about that sauce! Drizzy Juliano is on different type timing right now!! This joint too official right here! He just released his latest visual “BACK DRILLING” & It’s real as you can get! Drizzy moving with a small chip on his shoulder & it got him really making some of his best music yet. I had to play this jawn back like 10 times. The Brooklyn music scene got some artists to talk about & Drizzy is the main one. The nature of the hip-hop sound is struggling to pinpoint what’s the next road out NY but I think Drizzy already there. This man haven’t missed yet! The way he spits & flips tracks, it shows you he really in his own lane musically. Right now, he on attack mode!.

The homie Drizzy always deliver that sauce but ever since he feel like it it’s something to prove, its been a little different. He got the voice, the lyrics, the delivery, the authenticity, the pain, & the story. It’s like, not only has he been putting so much heart into his tracks lately but he’s actually going through the motions & picking the beats, really catering to his music drops. Drizzy speak that pain talk in his music. He straight sauced on this! It’s always a step up with his music every time he drop something new. Every joint he seem to drop gets better & better. Whether it’s that swag talk, drill talk, or that storytelling, this man can’t miss. NOTHING BUT PRESSURE RIGHT HERE! We need Drizzy Straight Sauce! That talk different.

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