Piif Jones – Bridge The Gap [Album Review]

New Sauce Alert! It’s some rising artists that’s making the culture look good right now & Piif is doing just that! It’s a pleasure to introduce you to one one of Hip hop’s underdogs Piif Jones & this dope album of his “Bridge The Gap” Emerging artist Piif Jones representing Queens Bridge, New York recently dropped one of the most Hip Hop feel albums this year. Haven’t seen too many independent artists if any give us that vintage hip hop with today sauce! On a mainstream level guys like J.Cole, Wale & very few others have been doing it but not on an indie scale. “Bridge The Gap” &really brought me back to the 90s! Even though, I was born in 97, I know that 90’s hip hop was different. I done heard over 50+ projects & this is definitely in the top 10 on the indie scale. One of my favorite projects to date. I had to sit on the project for awhile because it was just too much sauce & made me feel younger again! Everything was on point when it came to the project. The features he put on this went so perfect. Everybody sauce complimented each other’s. A bunch of relatable stories & life lessons through this whole project

Since his “Bridge The Gap” EP release, he’s just been in hustle mode! He dropped another project “Motivation” which was for motivational purposes only but a great follow up after the last project. It wasn’t needed but definitely happy to have it because Piif is a true creative. Coming from the streets & being able to talk about that & more be hard sometimes especially since everyone is simplifying & glorifying everything. Not Piif! He really could’ve just dropped this for this year & just let this ride out. I love everything that he gave in this project. 15 songs full of timeless joints that pressure! His elevation has been epic to watch! My favorite joints from the project are “Everything I Had” featuring Royal Flush, “Price Of Fame” featuring Ali Vegas, “Violate” featuring Lord Black & Kashdro & “Whats On Your Mind” This project touched on touched on coming from the bottom, the streets changing, not being a follower, & going hard with your passion. A few New York stories as well. Not too many artists can bring that vintage hip hop feel with a whole project WITH NO SKIPS. He’s dropping nothing but sauce right now. His versatility is something different. Nothing is being faked in these stories told. One of my favorite new artists in the game right now & Piif only getting better! It can also be found in the Blog’s playlist (SauceFromVeliTV) If you haven’t already checked it, Go do it. Tune in to this project & listen to some real hip hop!

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