Jake James – Letter Of Intent [EP] Review

New Sauce Alert! It’s some new artists coming into the game ready to make their presence known & Jake James is definitely that guy. Emerging new talent Jake James coming out of Albany, New York recently dropped his Debut EP “Letter Of Intent” & this one had me shook! I done heard a lot of projects this year (over 50+) & this is definitely in the top 10 on the indie scale. One of my favorite projects to date. I had to sit on the project for awhile because it was just too much pressure & motivational as ever! Everything was on point when it came to the project down to the production. When you hear the bars but also the energy matching the bars, you know it’s done right. Not too many giving sauce like this especially white artists. If you listen first, then see who’s talking it, you won’t be surprised but you will be.

Since his “Letter Of Intent” EP release, he’s just been in hustle mode! This project has already amassed over 600,000+ streams across streaming platforms & will be at a million soon, no doubt. I love everything that he gave in this project. It was like he showed us who he was, how he evolved & where he is now all in 7 songs. His elevation is crazy! He give you that real hip hop feel. Whether it’s getting a new video shot, handling a features, release parties, Tour etc.. The homie Jake James really out here grinding like no other! This project touched on touched on the how he came up, loyalty between people, the streets changing, protecting your peace, how being yourself & never giving up can get you to a good place. Not too many artists speak on hustle & he did that well. Everything is 100 with him & you got to love it. He’s dropping some quality sauce right now Definitely not your ordinary artist because he can give you straight bangers but also give you something you got to sit down & really listen to. Nothing is being faked. I love when artists us their story & it’s interesting. One of my favorite new artists in the game right now & Jake only getting better! He gave us that sauce with this one! It can also be found in the Blog’s playlist (SauceFromVeliTV) If you haven’t already checked it, Go do it. Tune in to this project & open your mind to some real sauce!

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