Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Kevin Prolix from Whittier, CA recently released his latest album “The P Files 3” which is on all platforms right now! It’s been one hell of a grindfor the emerging talent. Kevin Prolix started writing music in 2004, under a different moniker “kingpin”. After consideration of the Implications the aforementioned moniker would convey, He transitioned to “Prolix” under the Greek & Latin root definition meaning “pouring fourth”/ “to flow”, to better capture the image he would like to present. As an emcee, he’s one who raps or flows over beats. He added his formal first name, after the stage name “Prolix” was taken by drum and bass artist of the said name. Definitely not your ordinary artist though he doesn’t look to be flashy nor pump fake with what he speaks and his experiences. Everything is 100 with him and you got to love it!

Kevin Prolix remained solo and joined up with a few local acts, to contribute towards a collaborative effort entitled Word Play. (08-12) After things fell out with wordplay, Kevin Prolix networked with other local acts and entertainment artists to produce a collaborative effort entitled “Royals Family”. (2014-2016) The group saw some success. Additions were added to the group as a whole, to form something of entertainment engine, like a label. After some disagreements with the Royals Family creator, which led to a diss track being made, which led to the disbanding and now defunct group, Kevin Prolix decided to make More efforts on his solo work

Now, with all the work he’s put in & saved up since the pandemic began his third album, The P Files 3 definitely set a tone. Next will be the formation of a label, Which with he will be Doing more productions under. Also, more live shows to be had in the future as restrictions begin to be lifted. He launched his first album in 2017,The P Files“, Which didn’t actually come out until 2019, Due to personal struggles in his private life. He still continued to work & push through to successfully put out his second album, “The P Files 2” which is favorite one out of them all. Both in the beginning of 2021. He also launched his own website in the beginning of 2021 as well. He’s showing no signs of slowing down & he’s getting better as he go. This whole project is a NO SKIP. Tune in! That sauce right here!

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