Let’s get it! Emerging new talent DeNard Kendricks from Fort Worth,TX just dropped some sauce on us recently. A quick solid EP “ThaCookout” which is on all platforms right now! His journey looking back has been one hell of a grind. He started recording music at tge age of 12. DeNard Kendricks was born into an eclectic world of music. Jazz, funk, soul, and RnB & it would be the milk for his formative years. What he learned and saw through life inspired him to go harder with his music. Ultimately hip-hop would be the driving force in his adolescent & teenage years. His southern drawl, colorful imagery, and translucent honesty has put him amongst hip-hop’s premier emcees. He’s giving nothing but gems in his music. Acts such as OutKast, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, JAY-Z, T.I., and Rick Ross have helped shape DeNard Kendricks into a top tier artist and future pillar of hip-hop.

Although, DeNard stays true to his hip-hop roots, he does take it upon himself to experiment with different sounds & genres. He shines like the brightest nova when he captivates the listener with vivid imagery and heartfelt stories. I had to dig through his catalog & he’s elevated a lot. This 3 song EP is definitely that work. He is working mixtapes, EPs, and a debut album. When I asked what does he hope to accomplish with his work he simply responds, “I want to create forever…”. DeNard speaks on loyalty between our people, the streets changing, protecting your peace, being yourself. I love everything that he gave in this project. He’s definitely been on the grind. One of his songs, “Where I Stay”, is apart of a film produced by Cash Money Films. DeNard is getting ready to release a holiday song a week before thanksgiving. He’s dropping some quality sauce right now & he’s active! If you haven’t already checked him out, Go do it. Tune in.

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