Let’s get it! Sauce Alert! You know I had to bring this to the sauce! Another hot new joint out from Marley. I been bumping this like crazy since it dropped! I told you guys my guy just had to find his footing before he start stepping on necks. He’s fresh off an EP release “Never Left” & he really in his bag right now! These joints he dropping letting us know, he can make music. The rising Brooklyn artist Marley know how to talk hot but get real with you for a second! He just dropped a new visual “F***k Rap” which is one of joints off the project & just like his last few visuals he went off on this! This time was different! We seeing him different light and how good he really is. Definitely not your ordinary artist though he doesn’t look to be flashy nor pump fake with what he speaks and his experiences. A very versatile artist right here, so expect to see him dropping all types songs but this was just fire.

The real is definitely gonna love this. This joint will have you head rocking but you listening to all the gems he dropping at the same time. As a new artist, he’s definitely kicking some doors in. This so happens to be one of my favorite songs off the EP. That beat was too fire. Since his “Reactions” project, He’s just been creating, learning & living while promoting the new project “Never Left” through interviews, & more. I like artists who can just give you the real but also can give you straight sauce. These artists can’t switch their style nowadays because most of the time it’s not even theirs. My guy is who he say he is! I’m really loving his energy right now. Stay tuned in with him! That Sauce Getting Crazier! Straight Sauce Right Here!

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