D.C.’s Priest Da Nomad Delivers “Pumpfakin” Video

Priest Da Nomad, an esteemed Hip Hop artist, releases “Pumpfakin” official video. The single is taken from his new album ‘Out Da House.’ In the video Priest addresses Social Media thugs and calls for accountability.

We live in a world where we rely on the web and Social Media to run our lives, however, in that web lurks cyberbullies who wouldn’t be so bold or tough away from keyboards. Priest is here with an explosive reminder to use manners or get hands put on. His in-your-face bars along with gritty production are sure to have cyber ruffians think twice before they log on and hit ALL CAPS.

Watch the video (from the album ‘Out Da House’) and connect with Priest Da Nomad below.

Stream/download ‘Out Da House’ below on preferred platforms



Apple Music




Connect with Priest Da Nomad

Twitter: @priestdn

IG: @priestdanomad

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