Let’s get it! Rising new artist 2 Dub Official from Toledo, Ohio recently released new single “North Meets West” which is on all platforms right now! He always been associated with music & working with other people but 2 Dub Official been serious about his own music for about 4 years now. His journey looking back has been one hell of a grind. He started off doing spoken word then tweaked it all the way up. he’s managed to make alliances with producers and other artists from California, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Texas & as well as his hometown. His bars and word play is so hip hop. Definitely not your regular 2021 artist though. Actually rapping & giving substance while trying to have your head rocking. Grown man rap hit different always!

2 Dub Official has released 10 singles since 2018 & got 1 recent mixtape feature for the track titled “Frequencies of Life” which is a collab with another rising artist from his hometown. Be expecting some more sauce soon as he gears up to drop his new single “NuNu”. 2 Dub Official has been cooking up some sauce during this whole Covid madness & we hearing it as it drops. He has 2 full finished projects with 8 to 10 songs each ready for release. Just make sure you paying attention as he elevates & continues his effort on making memorable music. He’s dropping some quality sauce right now. If you haven’t already checked him out , Go do that. Tune in.