New Sauce Alert! Had to make it good. Harlem’s hottest youngin Edot Baby is back with straight up banger! New visuals “Rundown Gang” out now & it’s pressure! I don’t even think he 18 yet & he a straight up demon. This not my first time hearing of Edot Baby but this joint definitely made me a fan. He dropped 2 videos in one week since he’s been back out here. Both of them is going crazy right now. Hopefully, nothing takes him from the music because this kid go crazy. This beat is something else. Edot went off on this lowkey but he’s been getting better with his last few joints! He got the structure flow. People is definitely taking notice right now! This video has already amassed over 85,000+ views in 5 days. He definitely got the sauce right now.

Even though this not really my type of music, he gave us that pressure! I already played this joint back like 10 times because the more & more you watch Edot went dumb on this. Finally Harlem got a young bull that’s coming up & he nice! Everything was on point. His energy, the energy in the video, the dances etc.. with this joint. I swear I thought my laptop was gonna set on fire lol. Hope to hear more from him! The way he walked this down, he different! Edot definitely an artist you should be paying attention to in 2021 after this joint. He’s young but making joints like these which should tell you he’s not nothing to play with. Give him some time to get in, he’s gonna be very big. This joint get you more lit each time you listen & watch the video. Everything about this video is worth a million views. This one of the hardest joints out right now. Straight pressure!