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Nia Asiel Feat. Lito Garcia – Men Lie | 🎥 CVO Films

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist & songwriter Nia Asiel from Chicago, IL linked up with fellow Chicago artist Lito Garcia to drop off “Men Lie” visuals which also is on all digital platforms right now! Nia recently graduated from North Carolina A&T in (May 2020) with a bachelors in computer science. Her grandma was a big influence on her when when she was younger. Getting sung to all the time caused her to start singing at school & home. After her grandma passed away when was ten years old, she knew she wanted to keep her legacy alive. Her passion for music took over & with it already being natural to her. Along with having a very supportive family, she knew from the beginning that music was something she wanted to get into. Music keeps her on the happy side of life.

She decided to get serious about music and really some put consistency behind it last year while acquiring time to focus on her craft as we all did with COVID shutting the world down. Right now, she’s cooking & ready to put more sauce out. “Men Lie” was just some light sauce to get off. Her & Lito complimented each other too well. Lito Garcia straight sauced on this. Enjoyed this song more than a little bit. You hear her pipes & how she put it together. Not your regular female artist. She bodied this. Speaking on cheating, loyalty, & protecting your peace. Men do be out here pump faking too much nowadays. I love everything that she gave in this joint. Her grandma’s legacy continues to inspire her every single day. Her sauce different. You can see it & you can feel it. If you haven’t already checked it out , Go do it. It’s in the Spotify playlist as well. Nia Asiel is planning to drop new music so definitely stay tuned in the upcoming months! Tapping even further into her R&B bag

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