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Let’s get it! That sauce right here! The Recipe is back with some sauce & continues expanding on his already established legacy with his newly released single “Fly N Flashy” which is on all platforms right now! The Recipe is a resident of the infamous streets of San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood. Being a fan of the sounds of 80’s hip-hop, The Recipe developed a love for the music genre after listening to Emcee’s like Run DMC, Fat Boys, MC Shy D, and Too Short, among others. From there, he dedicated his time to evolving his craft. As he excelled upon the mic, he began working with neighborhood friends and fellow rap artists like Andre Nickatina, J.T.The Bigga Figga, and Messy Marv. Definitely not your ordinary artist though he doesn’t look to be flashy nor talk tales in the music. Everything is 100 when he speaks his experiences.

The Recipe has really been saucing his way through the ranks and worked with a wide array of musical powerhouses like gospel rap icon, Easop, Leanin (Mz Daizy), Spice 1 (Jive Records), Bay-area legend TC, half of the legendary duo of TC & the Enhancer, D.J. Quick, Kid Ink, Dizzy Rascal, and J Stalin. His hard work and talent have gained him the #18 rank on Reverbnation. Being a skilled Chef himself, The Recipe went on to combine his two loves, Music and Food to create his own show “Recipe TV” on Cable Channel 29 in San Francisco. The show incorporates hip-hop acts as well as the culinary arts which I think is next level sauce.

Since becoming respected on the mic, The Recipe built upon his fascination for the studio and composition, evidently adding producing to one of his many talents. Launching his production company “Back Against The Wall Productions”, The Recipe was becoming the go to producer for artists big and small alike. Becoming bigger and bigger in the game, his production company involved everything from production to management to features, consultation, and distribution, and his name gained recognition among prominent figures like Suge Knight, Brooke Wentz, and Jonathan Hey

The Recipe continues to sauce in the rap game no matter the levels he has already attained. He’s Currently prepping the release of two new singles, “Give Me That Recipe” featuring Equipto, Fega Michael’s and Big Mack. They will be exclusively distributed by OneRpm. The song “Back in The Kitchen Cooking” featuring Rome will exclusively be released by Songflowr. These tracks showcase The Recipe’s ever evolving flow and lyricism that brought him global accreditation. He’s a quality artist especially in this time where almost everything is watered down. They showcase the true art of hip-hop, packing a punch that can spar with any lyricist in the game. Lyrical, methodical, The Recipe’s longevity reflects his stature as an artist. More music is expected to be on the way. just make sure you tap into his catalog & see what he’s put together. He’s dropping some quality sauce right now. If you haven’t checked out Go do it. Tune in, open your mind, & learn something as you bump the sauce!

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