Netflix’s anime Witcher spinoff film — The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf — is almost here, and a new full-length trailer shows off a lot more of the epic monster fighting and charismatic heroics of its protagonist, Geralt’s mentor Vesemir.

The film is set before the events of the live-action series and will look to explain more about the Witcher’s world, including how the magically mutated monster hunters are created. It’ll also provide useful backstory on Vesemir, who’s set to appear in the upcoming second season of the show when it arrives this December.

The new trailer for the anime spinoff also shows off a lot more of the expanded Witcher universe, and some rather impressive-looking fight scenes and effects, the sorts of which would have been far harder to achieve in the live-action series.

Kwang Il Han, director at Studio Mir, told The Verge one benefit of the animated format included allowing the witchers to carry their iconic dual blades: “The actors had difficulty carrying multiple swords at the same time, because they were too heavy, so they were only carrying one sword at a time,” he says. “In the anime we don’t have those restrictions.”

The new trailer follows a shorter teaser released last month and comes just a few weeks before the August 23rd debut of the animated film.

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