Rocket League’s next season brings changes to tournaments and a new cowboy-themed car

Rocket League’s fourth season kicks off on Wednesday, bringing some big changes to tournaments, a setting to turn off copyrighted music, and a new cowboy-themed car.

The changes to tournaments, which developer Psyonix first revealed on August 5th, include a new 2v2 mode, giving you an option to team up with just one other friend in competitive play. Psyonix is also adding many more tournaments — there will be “between eight and 13” more tournaments in each region, Psyonix said. And in addition to the new 2v2 and current 3v3 mode, the studio will host Extra Mode tournaments that will cycle between modes like Rumble (which has randomized power-ups), Hoops (a basketball-like mode), and Snow Day (Rocket League’s take on hockey).

Get the Outlaw car in the Rocket Pass

Season 4 will also add a new setting that allows players to turn off copyright-protected music in the game, which could help streamers avoid getting DMCA takedown notifications. If you flip on this setting, copyrighted audio will be “muted or replaced by music that is free to use,” Psyonix says.

The cowboy-themed Outlaw car will be available as part of the season four Rocket Pass, which is the game’s take on a Fortnite-style battle pass.

Rocket League season 4 will kick off on Wednesday at 11AM ET.

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