OtterBox’s latest gaming controller clip is MagSafe-compatible for iPhone 12 devices, and it costs $39.99. Compared to its previous $30 gaming clip that we reviewed earlier this year, it streamlines the process of connecting your phone to a controller clip by letting it snap on seamlessly with the help of magnets — in other words, MagSafe technology (TM). This solution is preferable to traditional controller clips that clamp around the edges of your phone’s display. I just wish that this one worked with other phones.

Some MagSafe-compatible accessories can also charge iPhone 12-series models, but in this case, OtterBox’s MagSafe gaming clip seems to boil down to “it’s a circular magnetic surface.” There are no other special features listed on its product page, aside from being able to detach the magnetic arm from the controller to serve as a phone stand. Also, you don’t need to own an OtterBox MagSafe case, but the company says you’ll get the “best experience and protection” if you do.

Otterbox MagSafe gaming clip The clip can detach from the controller to work in tabletop mode.Image: OtterBox

In terms of controller compatibility, OtterBox says on its site that this new clip will fit the newer Xbox Series X / S controller, the previous Xbox One wireless controller, or the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. Oddly, it also provides the disclaimer that the clip was designed to “ensure zero interference” with controller functions.

It’s easy to read that and think, “Wait, can magnets interfere with Bluetooth?” If that were the case, Bluetooth speakers, among many other devices, wouldn’t operate properly. What I think it means is that your controller will work normally. Perhaps the company just needed another line to plug in that its product has MagSafe compatibility.

The MagSafe gaming clip is available now for iPhone 12 owners who want the convenience of attaching their phone to their gaming clip with magnets and don’t mind paying the $10 premium. Otherwise, you can make do with OtterBox’s previous model that works as intended with practically any phone running a modern mobile OS.

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