Nobuo Uematsu’s beautiful Fantasian soundtrack is now on Apple Music

One of the most exciting things about Fantasian — a Final Fantasy-style roleplaying game that debuted on Apple Arcade earlier this year — was how it reunited two industry legends. Hironobu Sakaguchi served as the creative director of the handcrafted adventure, while longtime Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu returned for the soundtrack. Now, all of that beautiful music is finally available to stream on Apple Music.

It’s a hefty album, too, with 58 songs spanning more than two and half hours of music and a wide range of genres. Prior to Fantasian’s release, Uematsu said that he was worried this might be his last soundtrack. “Will I get another chance to work on an entire game?” he said. “I didn’t want to have any regrets.” Sakaguchi expressed similar concerns, telling The Verge: “Let’s be honest, I’m in the latter chapters of my game development career, and each game can take years to go from conception to release.”

Fantasian is currently available to Apple Arcade subscribers, and a second part, which completes the story, is also in development.

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