If you’re looking to reserve a Steam Deck and haven’t managed to secure a reservation yet, it looks like you’ll be waiting a while to actually get your device. According to Steam’s store site on Sunday, the $399 64GB Steam Deck and the $529 256GB version both have “expected order availability” dates of of Q2 2022, meaning sometime next spring. The 512GB $649 model is even later; it’s showing expected availability in Q3 of next year, which is sometime between July and September 2022.

According to Steam’s website, it plans to send order invitations by December of this year. Steam will then convert reservations to orders.

As of July 18th, the wait time for the top-of-the-line Steam Deck is Q3 of 2022.

Steam’s official Twitter account posted Sunday that reservations for Steam Deck were open to new Steam accounts as well as existing accounts. Valve only revealed its handheld PC gaming device on Thursday, but when it opened up to reservations on Friday afternoon, many people got repeated error messages. According to Ars Technica, Valve got more than 110,000 reservations for the 256GB and 512GB devices in the first 90 minutes after orders opened.

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