Jett: The Far Shore shows off soaring sci-fi exploration in new gameplay trailer

Jett: The Far Shore is finally showing off what its gameplay looks like in a new trailer, which promises a serene sci-fi experience that will have players exploring its world in a soaring spacecraft.

The gameplay itself bears some resemblance to No Man’s Sky, but with a crucial difference: Jett: The Far Shore aims to “tread lightly,” eschewing combat and resource harvesting in favor of respecting the fauna of the mysterious ocean world. Players will inhabit the role of a “jett scout,” using their ship to explore the world and investigate the creatures that live there, in addition to investigating the source of the “hymnwave.”

Jett: The Far Shore gameplay trailer Image: Superbrothers

Originally announced in 2020 before getting delayed to this year, Jett: The Far Shore is the second game from Superbrothers, the studio behind 2011’s Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP — one of the first major mobile gaming hits. Jett: The Far Shore looks to have expanded the scope significantly, though, jumping from pixel art to an explorable 3D world.

There’s still no firm release date for Jett: The Far Shore, but it’ll be out sometime later this year for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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