Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has new story missions and improved combat

Last month, Hideo Kojima revealed that a director’s cut of Death Stranding for the PS5 was on the way — and now we actually have some details on what it will include. Like the Ghost of Tsushima director’s cut, the new version of Death Stranding appears to be more of an enhanced remake than a traditional director’s cut.

Among the added features are new story missions, more battles with “advanced combat mechanics,” a Metal Gear Solid-style firing range, a cargo catapult for delivering… less fragile goods, a robot buddy who seemingly can carry you around, and, for some reason, a race track. You can get a good sense of all the changes in the trailer above.

This will mark the third platform Death Stranding is available on. The game debuted on the PS4 in 2019, before expanding to the PC last year. The PS5 edition will launch on September 24th for $49.99 (which is $20 cheaper than the PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut). If you already own the PS4 version of Death Stranding, you can update to the director’s cut for $10.

Update July 8th, 6:20PM ET: Added pricing.

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