New Sauce Alert! This joint had me lit the whole time. Your Favorite $toner Kush Kelz & ChiChiGwapGod got saucy with this one! Who would’ve thought they would’ve got together & delivered a lowkey banger “Designer Zips”. They both walked on this track, SERIOUSLY. ChiChiGwapGod been one of my favorite new artists since his joint with OT9Beno from #800Foreignside. The way he came on this, you know he gone be one of the hottest soon come. He was talking real hot on this. They was having fun the whole video. The visuals was on point as well. Your favorite $toner Kush Kelz really bodied this jawn. The New Jersey artist has been doing his thing for awhile now musically & entrepreneurially. Not gonna lie, Kush was talking spicy on this. He surprised me the way he walked on a drill beat. With a solid catalogue already musically, all that’s missing for Kush is joints like these. Good combo right here. He’s giving us a lot of content right now, so I know something big coming.

New York & New Jersey look good together. I hope to see more collaborations from these two. A lot of new heat came out this summer & this just added to the list! That sauce right here! Make sure you stay tuned in with them for more sauce when it drops. Instagram : @KushKelz & @Chichigwapgod