Last fall, Cyan Worlds, the original developer of Myst, released a built-for-VR remake of its game exclusively for Facebook’s Oculus Quest platform. Now, it has announced a timeframe for the game’s availability elsewhere: a version for PC and Mac that you can play in a compatible VR headset or on any regular 2D monitor will debut in the third quarter of this year, promising that players can explore “in a whole new dimension.”

When the Myst remaster was revealed last year, Cyan Worlds said other platforms would follow the Oculus and eventual PC releases. There’s no word yet on other new versions to extend the reach of a game that has already spanned three decades.

Reviews of the $30 Oculus Quest version by UploadVR and PC Gamer noted its puzzles maintained the atmosphere of the original game and even provided opportunities for a quality co-op experience. However, they dinged that release for some graphical issues, likely linked to the limited horsepower of Facebook’s headset. PC and Mac players who meet the recommended system requirements may be in for a better experience on that front and can add the game to their wishlists on Steam or GOG.

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