The latest teaser for Star Trek: Picard’s second season has arrived, giving an actual look at the upcoming series (instead of some long shots inside Picard’s house as Patrick Stewart pontificates on the nature of time, as seen in the first “teaser.”) And while the new trailer — released in honor of “Captain Picard Day” — does give a glimpse of what looks like the time-traveling shenanigans the former Starfleet captain and his new crew will be up to when the show returns in 2022, something is missing.


Where are the robots? The first season of Picard dealt with the Federation debating whether artificial life and androids should exist, culminating with Picard himself getting his biological body replaced with a cybernetic replacement. But there’s no sign that Picard will be moving forward with the ramifications of that change in the upcoming season from the new trailer. Admittedly, that’s something that the show all but stated was the intent when it noted that Picard’s new body would be virtually the same as his old one, minus the brain defect that was threatening his life, making his whole “death” a bit of a cop-out.

When in doubt, blame Q.Image: Paramount Plus

But any emphasis on the newly cybernetic Picard isn’t the only strange absence in the trailer: Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) also appears in the trailer sans her Borg augmentations, which — when coupled with the strange Starfleet badges and the ominous voiceover that “Time has been broken” — indicates that someone* has probably been mucking around with time travel.

(*it’s probably Q. It’s a Picard-centric show with wacky timeline stuff, John de Lancie is featured in the trailer as returning to play the omnipotent trickster, so… yeah. Blame Q.)

We’ll have a bit of a wait to find out, though, given that Star Trek: Picard’s second season isn’t scheduled to release until 2022 on Paramount Plus.

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