Niantic is expanding from cute critters to giant robots. Today, the game developer announced its next project: a location-based augmented reality game called Transformers: Heavy Metal. The game is expected to launch globally this year, with a soft launch in select countries “soon.” Niantic says that it has partnered with Seattle-based studio Very Very Spaceship, which will be leading development.

You might be wondering just how towering transforming robots will translate to Pokémon Go-style gameplay. Here’s the basic description from Niantic:

In Transformers: Heavy Metal, players will join the Guardian Network, a group of humans who have banded together with the Autobots in a war against the Decepticons. As a Guardian, players will uncover hidden regions across Earth to find resources and battle Decepticons in turn-based battles, either solo or with friends.

Transformers: Heavy Metal. Transformers: Heavy Metal.

While Niantic is best-known for the ongoing success of Pokémon Go, the company has also expanded by attempting to bring other fictional realms to video games. The first was the Harry Potter universe, with Wizards Unite, and more recently the developer announced a partnership with Nintendo that will include a Pikmin game.

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