Arcane, Netflix’s animated League of Legends show, is full of grit and rage in new clip

The sprawling fantasy realm of League of Legends is expanding in a big way. At its Netflix Geeked Week, the streaming service showed off a new two-minute clip for Arcane, the first animated series set in the world of Riot’s popular strategy game. The show has been in the works for some time: it was first revealed in 2019, and earlier this year, Netflix confirmed its partnership with Riot.

According to Riot, the new show is “set in the utopian region of Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun, the story follows the origins of two iconic League champions-and the power that will tear them apart.”

While this is Riot’s first foray into television, Arcane is part of a bigger plan to turn League into an MCU-style behemoth spanning multiple mediums. There are the games, of course (in addition to the main League of Legends, there’s also a card-collecting spinoff, a recently launched mobile iteration called Wild Rift, and a much-anticipated MMO), along with comic books, board games, and shorter cinematics to introduce new characters or story elements.

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