Spotify wants to make the yearly Wrapped experience more than a once a year thing

Spotify loves when people share its annual Wrapped music breakdown on social media, so it’s making that more of a year-round treat. The company is announcing a new digital experience today called Only You, which will give users personalized playlists in a shareable form. The in-app experience will give users a variety of playlists and data insights based on their music listening habits, and a new feature called Blend will let two friends automatically merge their musical tastes into a playlist.

Among the new experience highlights is “Your Dream Dinner Party,” which lets users pick three artists they’d invite to a dinner party with Spotify making a mix for each artist. Another is “Your Artist Pairs,” which highlights unique pairings that show off a listener’s musical range, as well as “Your Audio Birth Chart,’ which gives users their “Sun artist,” or the person they listened to the most over the past six months; their “Moon artist,” which is the artist they listen to that shows off their emotional side; and their “Rising artist,” which is one they’ve recently found. The Audio Birth Chart and Dream Dinner Party will update daily, while the other data visualization aspects of the feature, like Your Artist Pairs, is based on a limited set of time and won’t update regularly.

Spotify’s Your Dream Dinner Party feature lets people pick the artists they’d want at a dinner party and receive playlists in return.Image: Spotify

None of these features are revolutionary, but people seemingly love seeing visualized data on their listening habits. During Wrapped season last year, when Spotify gives users a year-in-review look at their listening data, its stock jumped 16 percent and the app rose rapidly in the App Store rankings. Clearly, the company is trying to replicate that success and build buzz with another data visualization offering. The idea is, of course, that if you want access to these unique features, you’ll have to sign up and listen on Spotify to do so. Peer pressure works wonders.

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