New trailers: Trese, Respect, Friends: The Reunion, and more

Still reeling from that shocking ending to last week’s Mare of Easttown? Me too! I have literally no idea what to expect in tonight’s episode or from next week’s finale. I can’t say the same for Army of the Dead, a movie I really, really wanted to like but which felt really predictable. I found myself wishing the entire movie could have been as wild as its opening credits. Army of the Dead looks spectacular (except perhaps for the digitally-added Tig Notaro character), but could have done away with a few of the rag-tag mercenary characters and tightened things up a bit.

Here are this week’s trailers:


This long-awaited adaptation of the award-winning Filipino comic of the same name, Trese is the story of a woman who protects Manila from monsters that are based on Filipino mythology. In the English-language version, Shay Mitchell stars as Trese (Liza Soberano voices her in the Filipino-language version), along with Griffin Puatu, Manny Jacinto, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Dante Basco. Trese comes to Netflix in the US on June 11th.


Jennifer Hudson stars in this biopic of the late Aretha Franklin and looks at the Queen of Soul’s early years as her star was on the rise. Naturally, it looks and sounds amazing. Forest Whitaker and Audra McDonald also star in Respect, which comes to theaters in August.

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Four gifted orphans are recruited for a secret mission by Mr. Benedict to figure out what’s behind the mysterious LIVE Institute. This series is based on the book series by Trenton Lee Stewart, with Tony Hale starring as Benedict and his shady twin brother Mr. Curtain. Kristen Schaal also stars in The Mysterious Benedict Society, which premieres on Disney Plus June 25th.

Friends: The Reunion

This trailer does not make me want to watch this reunion, but I was already leaning in that direction anyway. Friends was, of course, wildly popular in its decade-long run on network television, and is a popular show on streaming as well. But I’m far from the first person to point out that this is not a show that aged well— in addition to the conspicuous lack of non-white characters throughout most of the show’s run, it had ongoing fatphobic storylines and a lot of homophobic jokes and storylines as well (and also for the love of god, who cares whether you were “on a break,” Ross: you were in the wrong, the end). If the reunion would deal with and discuss some of Friends’ more problematic elements, that might be interesting to watch. But the trailer makes no indication this will be the case; rather it looks like it will include a lot of obsequious questions for the cast members from James Corden (?). The Friends reunion comes to HBO Max on May 27th.

Sweet Tooth

We got a glimpse of this movie with a teaser a couple of weeks ago but this is the first full-length trailer for Sweet Tooth, a post-apocalyptic fairytale based on a DC comic, with a hybrid deer-boy seeking answers about other hybrid children like him. I’m into it. Sweet Tooth comes to Netflix June 4th.

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