You can now explore a surreal Gucci garden inside Roblox

For the next two weeks, the virtual realm of Roblox is getting a dose of high fashion. Currently, fashion house Gucci is hosting an artsy garden space, which will be available for Roblox users to explore starting today through to May 31st. The space was conceived as a virtual counterpart to a real-world installation called the Gucci Garden Archetypes, which is taking place in Florence, Italy.

Both the virtual and IRL spaces are described as multimedia experiences, which are divided into a series of themed rooms with names like “urban romanticism” and “Tokyo tribe.” It all sounds pretty surreal. Here’s the official description of what you’ll be doing in the digital version:

As they enter the Gucci Garden experience, visitors will shed their avatars becoming a neutral mannequin. Without gender or age, the mannequin symbolizes that we all begin our journeys through life as a blank canvas. Wandering through the different rooms, visitors’ mannequins absorb elements of the exhibition. With every person experiencing the rooms in a different order and retaining different fragments of the spaces, they will emerge at the end of their journey as one-of-a-kind creations, reflecting the idea of individuals as one among many, yet wholly unique.

It may sound like a strange combination, but over the last year, fashion and gaming have become much more closely connected. Burberry launched in-game outfits for a Chinese strategy game, Balenciaga made a post-apocalyptic world in place of a traditional runway show, and Louis Vuitton dressed up a virtual hip-hop group made up of League of Legends characters. In fact, this isn’t even Gucci’s first foray into the space; the company previously made a pair of virtual sneakers.

Just remember: Roblox is definitely not a video game.

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