That Sauce right here! I keep saying it. FlyBoii DaDa is one of the illest when it comes to new artists. In a lane of his own, this year you can tell he’s locked in & ready to go off. Last year, he dropped some of the best trap music you’ll ever hear. He’s been one of my favorite artists. 2021 gonna be even better with the project “Trap Baby” on the way. It’s how he talk that talk in his rap! He get you in that mode! The emerging New York artist FlyBoii DaDa just recently dropped the visuals to his new joint “Felt That” & it was fire as always. He’s not new to delivering heat. His versatility with his music its crazy. He may not get too much attention but he’s up there with some of the top guys that’s on the scene now.

FlyBoii DaDa talk hoy anything he touch. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in stored for 2021! This is something to get you out your seat. He giving off them “I’m not playing with you” vibes. The visuals was on point. He was talking real shit through this whole thing. The real gonna love this right here. His music is strictly for the streets but it’s industry cats that can’t touch him. His catalog already fire & this just added to the sauce. Not too many artists giving the artists real vibes that go along with the music. We need more artists like him in the music game. We not with the politics. You know we got that sauce here! Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media (@FlyBoiiDADA). It’s only getting better as he go. He bodied this! Tune in.

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