That Sauce right here! Poppa Da Don & Corey Finesse just linked up & gave us a banger! These 2 right here just really went off. They just dropped the visuals to “30 IN IT” recently & both of their styles had an opportunity to shine on this track. Poppa Da Don so versatile with his music its crazy. From remixing songs to making his own bangers, he came along way. Poppa Da Don is just getting better & better musically. This joint definitely one of the hardest songs out, PERIOD. Nothing but heavy talk on track.

 Corey Finesse is just different. He been underrated for too long. He be talking cocky because he already know these guys not even on his level. He get you in that mode when he talk his talk in tracks! Saucing his way up the ranks slowly but surely. The real always prevail. Word around town I wasn’t expecting this song to be as hard as it was. Corey can give you whatever joint he want long as he talk that talk its fire. He can give you a trap symphony using the melodies or he can body with a 16. Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media. One of the hottest Hip hop duos coming up in the game. They need their credit. They linked up & made a movie. Nothing but sauce!

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