My guy Mulaa started off 21 on these rappers heels. Unfortunately, he’s locked up right now & he is innocent. Trials & tribulations of the hood, that’s all. His joint “Underrated” which happens to be one of my favorites from him has passed 100,000+ views on YouTube. This joint “Underrated” is straight pressure! When it comes to consistency, Mulaa has held up his end. Mulaa had a solid year last year musically & his elevation, grind & work ethic is something serious. With all the bangers he been dropping the past few months, he haven’t missed yet. Everything he put out he talking heavy & giving you them real vibes. When he hop on the track, you got to listen to everything because you might miss a crazy line or bar. This should’ve been hit the blog but it’s here now! Mulaa got Jersey missing him right now. He’s amassed over 500K views total on YouTube, off of just grind.

I can’t wait until he’s back & delivering new music. One of Jersey’s finest going hard as ever! With over 100k+ streams gained on his project, that should let you know he is not going nowhere. You already know as soon as he drop, It’s UP! He smoke everything he touch. One of my favorite artists out right now & has been since I first became a fan. He not going nowhere no time soon. One of the very few artists on the rise that’s been delivering nothing but heat worth talking about Make sure you stream his latest project titled “Underrated & Underappreciated” which is on all digital platforms right now. Tune In! FREE MULAA TILL HE FREE!