New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Euro Flip back at it again with some Fire! He just dropped off his latest single “Go Hard” & he was talking his talk! He is a rising independent artist from Harlem, NY & he’s older so you know what type time he on. His father was a big influence in his early music development. He was giving the name Euro Flip because simply after playing basketball professionally briefly he was playing in places people knew me. However, so happy he started making it pro, his mans Slay gave him the name Euro about 4 to 5 yrs ago. He’s currently studying with and working for Uptown Dance School of Harlem director Robin Williams. Euro has spent years learning how to perform & understand music and dance. Around 3 years ago from out the clear blue he started writing down what he was thinking about and going through as he was traveling a lot and hanging out wit rappers such as BG, Perico from the then SoWayOut camp. With him also going to Vegas & LA so much he realized his passion from the west coast Inspired by Nipsey Hussle.

He wrote his first rap to his beat and shot his first video with NCF no compromise 🎥 films which is out on YouTube. January 2018, was his first official show & a few videos got released he started submitting music to underground radio shows and DJs. First DJ to take his music serious was ironically Nipsey Hussle DJ, DJ VIP.
One of the very few radio stations that showed some love and started a relationship with him is New Jersey radio show how Called Time 2 Grind Radio With Big 7

His music is on all platforms right now & it’s in the playlist. Euro’s music is heavily influenced by his environment at the time as well as his aspirations & dreams. By him having experiences from different places in the world such as, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy & more.. It allowed him to create from a different perspective along with his. He went was talking classic NY on this joint! You hear where he coming from when he spitting. You hear the fun but raw sound in his music. He take the name serious because it represents everything he had to go through before really learning how to make it through. Hard times and struggles to do what to do want and be independent.
E stands for everything
U stands for unwithdrawn
R stands for radiant
O will outlast.

This won’t be the last time you see his name, so make sure you tune in. That talk right here!