It’s a sauce pleasure to introduce you guys to a nice body of work. This album is an example of how she’s been growing not only in her music but personal life as well. A step up from her last! “Tye Talley The Album” By. Tye Talley just added to her sauce!. The whole album is dope because of how pure it is & the energy it sends off. The emerging new artist Tye Talley has been on her music grind for awhile now. You can hear her raw talent through the whole project. I first heard Tye’s music years ago & to see her evolve to this is dope. I’m still on the fact that she’s released some of her best content in the middle of a pandemic, that’s work ethic different!  If you’re the type to value being yourself, finding your way, & good energy, this is definitely the album for you. From the beat selections & production, down to the words she was speaking, You can tell she was in her zone.

I sat on this for a minute because I was just enjoying the sounds, but you know it had to hit the blog. She kept it real as possible on this project. My favorite songs on this are “Blessed(Interlude)”, “Good Guy”, “Hyphy 5.5” & “Robin Hood(Fck 12)”. Her comfortability, & confidence showed through the whole album. Her cadence on tracks from now & before is a BIG difference. Another emerging artist out here putting on for the culture. Over 10,000+ streams accumulated since it dropped. She got THE SAUCE & it’s only getting better! Since the beginning, she’s been learning & focused on the craft, learning her sound, & experimenting with different beats. Her growth with his project musically & personally was phenomenal. We need to give Tye all the credit or this credit for this. This Album showed us she’s starting to get the hang of this music thing. Now, I just expect her to be better.. This that sauce! This project was very well put together, truthfully! If I had to rate it, Definitely a good 7.8. If you looking for good vibes & sounds, I suggest you tune in!