New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Yooda (Born April 21, 1981) is an American artist, songwriter & record producer who was born & raised in (Dade County)Miami, Florida. At an early age, Yooda moved around due to his mother’s occupation. Moving around Miami: South Miami, Liberty City, Carol City and Richmond Heights allowed him to be well rounded and soak up the Miami Culture faster. Yooda embarked on his musical career as a teenager after watching his older brother (Vido No Shake of Piccalo) make music and attend performances. Going along with his brother to shows gave him the passion and work ethic necessary to pursue his craft. He recently released his latest album “D.A.D.E The Album “. This new project is definitely something to tap into. I’ve listened to this project more than a few times & the production is on point. hopes to continue to build his growing fan base.

Before pursing his solo career, in 2002, Yooda became a member of the hip hop group Junkyard Squad, which released two albums, Laugh Now, Cry Later (2003) and Da Predator (2005). In 2005, the group amicably split to accomplish solo efforts. After putting out multiple songs & projects in the past, “D.A.D.E The Album” EP theme and concept was dope. The beat selections & how he put this one together was fire as well. Yooda is next to emerge and ready to deliver the sauce. This 18 song project will definitely grab you & keep you in the motions but keep you listening. My fav joints so far are “D.A.D.E”, “You Dont Know”, “Waste Time”, “Product Of My City“, & my personal favorite “Convertible Burt” which is one of the joints on the album just happens to be my favorite. He’s definitely on the right track. Straight sauce right here! Even though he performs mostly out of the US, he’s ready to get back to booking shows after this whole COVID mess. Once the world opens back up he’ll be back performing in and outside of the USA. Expect him to bring more visuals and other music related content. Yooda is currently in the lab right now working on his 9th solo album called “Fresh Out Of Favors” due to drop the 1st quarter of 2022.

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