Like I said before, The homie Harrdluck been showing his presence everywhere! Multiple videos, new projects everywhere. He really back like he never left. Even though a break from Harrdy wasn’t needed I’m glad he stepped away and came back with all this fire. He already proved why he one of hardest artists coming out of Jersey but he’s just making a statement now. I been listening to him for years especially since we from the same state. He went a little hiatus but he still stepping. One of realest guys you’ll ever meet doing this music stuff. Nothing but good vibes. His project “Ghetto Ghotti 2” is out now! Some of it is already in my Spotify playlists. I didn’t wanna say it too early on the last video but this definitely a classic early. I been listening to the project nonstop. When we talking about independent artists, Harrdluck one of the coldest in the game.

This “Gangstas In The Party Freestyle” is just one of his many new joints that’s letting you know he still that same threat. Some of what he be talking be real as you can get. One thing that really sets him apart is that he is so raw with his content & sauce. Harrdy talk too real at times & how he put it together + deliver make him a rare one. His hunger is just different. He smoke everything he touch. One of my favorite artists out right now & has been since I first became a fan. He not going nowhere no time soon. His style separates him from the rest & the way he body these joints, it’s too easy. Make sure you stream his latest project titled “Harrdy World” which is on Bandcamp right now. Tune In! Straight PRESSURE Right Here! Fire joint right here. You will enjoy this one. Happy to finally hear his name again. This is crazy 🔥🔥! Stay with him on IG: [@Harrdluck]

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