Let the Queen eat cake!

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been 10 years since the world watched Kate Middleton and Prince William say “I do” in a fairytale wedding at Westminster Abbey.

But in a new ITV documentary titled The Day Will and Kate Got Married, royal fans are getting the chance to relive the day while also receiving some behind-the-scenes scoop on how event organizers were able to pull off the unforgettable ceremony.

For Fiona Cairns, who led the team behind that glorious wedding cake, she recalled an unexpected run-in with Queen Elizabeth that could be the perfect mix of sweet and awkward. 

In order to move the eight-tiered, three-feet-tall fruit cake to its proper destination, Fiona explained that she had to remove a door inside Queen Elizabeth’s royal residence. When the royal family member decided to check in by surprise, a brief but unforgettable conversation occurred.