In addition, Stoner recalls working to complete “multiple overlapping projects” at age 12 and advocates for Basic Industry and Media Literacy courses, which she writes would be required for guardians and reps and would determine set protocols.

“Zero productions acknowledge that after their shoot, I will go to another, record an interview during my lunch break, train for multiple hours, skip dinner, and meet for a late-night rehearsal,” she states about this time in her piece for People. “After all, their responsibility is to deliver a product on time and in-budget, not to babysit. Meanwhile, agents are encouraging me to look at early emancipation so I can work longer hours. This will increase my hire-ability.”

She also details the impact this had on her life. “My body is medically undernourished and chronically stressed, which later will evolve into severe eating disorders, adrenal fatigue and mandatory bedrest,” she continues. “The onset of puberty has turned my waist and bust into the main objects of attention and inspection. This will also categorize my career trajectory.”