We are genuinely surprised this doesn’t happen more often on The Masked Singer

In this week’s episode, the stakes are higher than ever—or at least higher than they were last week—and the pressure seems to have gotten to one of the contestants. Pressure plus the heat from studio lights is simply a lethal combination when you’re covered head to toe in a heavy costume, and it’s about to bring this Crab to a boil.

E! News has exclusive footage of what goes down on Wednesday, which you can watch below. In the clip, Crab finishes a high-energy performance and is about to face the panel, but then, something is wrong. 

“I gotta take a break,” he yells. “I gotta take this off.” 

Last season, the same thing happened to Mickey Rourke, and he took his mask off right there on stage. This time, Crab manages to get off the stage first, and narrowly avoids a premature unmasking.