“I’m like, ‘How do we handle this?’ But she doesn’t really know,” the single mom explained. “And obviously, if it’s something she chooses in her adult life then that will be that, but I think to keep that away from her as long as possible is our top choice.”

The Hart of Dixie actress adds that her parents made her wait until she was 18 before allowing her to pursue a career in acting and she felt that was “smart.” She acknowledged that there’s nothing wrong with Briar wanting to act right now, but said, “It’s not really what I would want for her at this age.”

Regarding her own roles, Rachel joked that she won’t be allowing Briar to watch The O.C. until she’s “at least 35.”

Not that she doesn’t think Summer Roberts is a good role model. In fact, she said that she thinks Summer would’ve been a good mom, reflecting, “By the end of the show, she did like a 180, and I feel like she was kind of a responsible person. It was, like, a full arc. She’ll know how to hug a tree!”