Phoebe Robinson has certainly seen a goat before, but only from the comfort of a car. 

The comedian is really testing the limits of her comfort zone in a new exclusive clip from her upcoming Comedy Central show Doing the Most with Phoebe Robinson by paying a visit to her friend Whitney Cummings, who happens to have a well-stocked farm. As Phoebe reveals during her visit, she has never seen a barnyard animal up close. She’s not even entirely sure what all the animals are, which makes for a pretty entertaining tour with Whitney. 

A goat cries, and Phoebe’s alarmed. “Why are they making noise?”

“Why are you making noise?!” Whitney wonders, as Phoebe ponders what it must be like from the goat’s perspective. 

“He doesn’t know who I am,” she says. “And I’m in his living room.” 

“No! He doesn’t have HBO,” Whitney confirms to the 2 Dope Queens star. “He hasn’t heard of you.” 

From there, Phoebe is stunned by goat poop (“like a freakin’ Pez dispenser”) and spots a donkey penis before worrying that another donkey is trying to smell her crotch.