Selena’s coming back for another round on Netflix, and sooner than you think. 

The streamer has moved up the premiere of part two of Selena: The Series to May 4, a whole 10 days earlier than the previous premiere date of May 14. There’s even a new teaser featuring one of her catchiest hits and a promise that the late singer will get even more of a spotlight this time around. 

“You heard her sing,” the caption on the new teaser reads. “Now you’ll hear her voice.” The teaser features star Christian Serratos performing in Selena’s iconic purple jumpsuit.

The series, which was created with cooperation and input from Selena’s family, tells the story of the singer’s early life and rise to superstardom. Her career was cut short in 1995 when she was shot by her friend and former business manager Yolanda Saldívar. Part one of the show ended with Yolanda’s introduction, and the beginnings of Selena’s romance with guitarist and eventual husband Chris Pérez.