More bone-chilling true crime stories.

On Monday, April 5, E! News obtained an exclusive first look at the season three trailer for Oxygen’s Mark of a Serial Killer. The popular true crime series, which premieres Monday, April 12 at 8 p.m., returns as part of the network’s Serial Killer Week.

And, as the new footage below teases, the upcoming season will feature plenty of dark crimes. One interviewee notes, “This was something like, he’d never seen before.”

Of course, as fans of the series well know, the Oxygen series takes a closer look at the haunting behaviors conducted by serial killers. Thus, as one interviewee points out, they are able to connect three murders thanks to one murderer using “the same mark.”

“Serial killers, they’re psychotic,” one man explains in the trailer. “There’s something in spite of them that’s driving them to do this more and more.”

Yet, as the teaser warns, these killers “take more than lives” as “they take ritual to insane extremes.” Case in point: One woman details how an unnamed victim was “bound on her ankles, on her wrist and her neck.”