Linda Torres, who in 2012 appeared on the VH1 reality show Mob Wives and on its late star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola’s spinoff Big Ang, has died. She was 67.

Big Ang’s sister, Janine Detore, told E! News that Linda passed away on Thursday, April 1, from complications from the coronavirus in a hospital on Staten Island, New York. She also said Linda recently battled breast cancer as well.

“So, yesterday was nine Fridays ago that Linda got sick with a fever,” she said. “And for nine weeks, she has been fighting this disease. She had double COVID pneumonia, on a ventilator, and she was really fighting the fight. And we thought she was going to win but unexpectedly, she didn’t. They put her on a ventilator, then they gave her tracheotomy in her throat, she had that and then on April Fools’, good holy Thursday, which is very fitting for Linda, she passed away.”

Janine said that prior to her death, Linda was recovering from surgery to implant a chemo port to treat breast cancer. She developed a fever and returned to the hospital, where she tested positive for COVID-19.

Following Linda’s death, Janine paid tribute to her on her Instagram page.

“Rest In Peace my friend,” she wrote alongside a photo of Linda at VH1’s Big Ang party in New York City in 2012, adding a black heart emoji. “You’ll be missed…your bday was in between me & Angela you were our family .. we love you always , Angela take care of @blondelindavh1 #onlythegooddieyoung.”

Linda is survived by her daughter Jaime and a grandson and granddaughter.