Just one day after asking fans to decipher her scrambled track list for her re-recorded album Fearless: Taylor’s Version, Taylor Swift dropped all the info about her upcoming release. 

On April 2, Swift dropped a video showing scrambled words emerging from a vault to social media. She included the oh-so-Swift caption, “The vault door is about to be as unhinged as you’ll think I am after you watch this video. Level: Expert. Happy decoding!”

Fortunately, Swifties sprung into action, and successfully decoded the words, much to the “unhinged” Grammy winner’s delight. 

“You cracked the codes and guessed all the From The Vault titles,” Swift wrote in a message to fans on Instagram on April 3. “Here’s the full track list, my friends.”

The six previously unreleased tracks are “Bye, Bye, Baby,” “That’s When,” “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” “Don’t You,” “We Were Happy” and “You All Over Me,” featuring Maren Morris, which Swift dropped last month as a treat for fans.