Some wounds take a long time to heal. 

On April 2, Nick Jonas took to TikTok to share a subtle dig at Disney Channel.

“Oh, I love this one,” the Jonas Brothers member said in the video. “‘Tell me you were on Disney Channel, without telling me you were on Disney Channel.” 

However, nothing came to the “Jealous” singer’s mind…for one big reason. 

“See that’s the thing,” he explained. “Our show got cancelled after just two seasons, and we didn’t have any famous quotes.” 

Between 2009 and 2010, Nick and his brothers Kevin and Joe starred on Jonas, a series in which the brothers played themselves as they navigated high school, romance and their many fans. The second season, titled Jonas L.A., followed the band to Los Angeles for new adventures in the big city. Alas, unlike longer running shows like Hannah Montana, which starred Miley Cyrus and ended after four seasons and a feature film, Jonas never quite reached iconic Disney Channel series status.

In fact, Nick himself said in Amazon Prime’s Jonas Brothers’ documentary, titled Chasing Happiness, that it was a huge mistake to do the second season of the sitcom.


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