That being said, Nichole has a different perspective of weddings having gone through two divorces. 

“You know, it’s not a choice that I would make again, but then again, I’ve already made that choice. I learned from my lesson. And that’s the history where I come from, right?” she explained. “So that’s why I am so pro mortgage. It’s like been there done that—paid for two divorces.”

The realtor added, “Like yeah, let’s just invest that money instead of putting them on weddings and divorces. And I could be sitting pretty right now with a couple of a couple more homes.”

Sarah, who has been “happily married” for 11 years, can understand Nichole’s perspective, too. She shared, “Those are two of the most emotional and largest things that you should be doing in your life: Buying a home and getting married… I think everybody needs to experience that for sure.”